Shadow Box Heirloom Tables

The Perfect Gift for Anniversaries,
Graduations, Retirement & Memorials

Celebrate a significant accomplishment or a lifetime of treasured memories with a handcrafted Shadow Box Table from Wilson Quality Millwork of Elkins, WV. We can encase your photographs, keepsakes, mementos, heirlooms, and other important items for posterity in a beautiful, well-made art table to preserve and highlight the special moments in the life of your child, you and your spouse, an important family member, friend, or coworker.

A Unique and Meaningful Gift to Celebrate Life

From new beginnings to the capstone of a career or the memories of a lifetime, celebrate all the best in life. Design a custom Shadow Box Table to commemorate what matters most in life.

  • Weddings
  • Graduations
  • Anniversaries
  • Retirement
  • Military Careers
  • Memorial Services
  • Passing of Loved Ones

Preserve Your Photos and Memories

In today’s digital age, it is easy to forget to print photos or lose track of important items as we move and relocate. Even when we remember to print our photos, these often end up stored away in photo albums or buried in closets and cabinets. Ensure that your memories are preserved and displayed in a beautiful, meaningful way that everyone can appreciate. Let us encase your photos and other important treasures for generations with a custom Shadow Box Table in your choice of locally sourced solid Appalachian hardwood or a beautiful exotic wood species.

When Two Become One – Wedding Shadow Box Tables

If you will be celebrating an upcoming wedding, one of the most meaningful gifts you can present is a handcrafted table for the home of the newlyweds. Feature the most memorable photos from each individual’s life to help them remember where they each came from – and the importance they will always have in your life. They couple will enjoy a daily visual reminder of the love and care from each family, presented as an attractive and useful furniture piece in solid wood. When two become one, celebrate the occasion with a handcrafted wedding Shadow Box Table.

Memorial Tables for Loved Ones Who Have Passed

Keep your most treasured memories with you with a unique gift designed to stand the test of time. A Memorial Table is a great way to recognize the legacy and love of family. Recall the special moments that make up a lifetime each day with a beautiful well-made solid wood shadow box table from Wilson Quality Millwork.

Shadow Box Tables make a wonderful addition to any home and can be custom designed in any size from a small accent, side, or end table to grand dining room size. These unique custom tables make a great conversation piece for your cabin, church retreat, or office!

Wilson Quality Millwork offers complete customization for all your solid wood table, bar and countertop needs.

To learn more or place your order, call Wilson Quality Millwork at: (304) 636-9096.