Solid Hardwood Flooring

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Real, solid hardwood flooring adds an impressively warm traditional ambience to your space. Wilson Quality Millwork offers the timeless appeal of natural domestic and exotic hardwoods for residential and commercial applications throughout West Virginia. Because we are one of the very few remaining traditional mills handling all aspects of production from start to finish, we are able to offer a comprehensive range of customization options. Our wide selection of options allows you to match an historic floor application, perform a nearly flawless repair, or custom design a floor that is limited only by your imagination. View available options and let us know what our skilled craftsmen can do for you.

Tongue & Groove, Micro-Bevel
and Square Edge Flush Flooring

Accentuate the depth and characteristics of your home’s flooring by selecting the most appropriate edges for the design. Let us know what style you are applying from rustic country to postmodern – and the intention – and we can assist you with making this important decision to help ensure you achieve the look you desire. For example, if you prefer a seamless, sleek transition between flooring planks, you may want to consider square edges, while micro-beveled edges create a delineated look with a visible transition. In addition, we can produce your flooring planks in random widths and lengths to add visual appeal to your installation.

Historic Restoration, Remodeling
and New Construction Materials

Wilson Quality Millwork offers a full line of standard and custom millwork and building products. We can provide all your historic restoration, remodeling, and new construction material needs. We serve all of West Virginia. Call and let us know what you need: (304) 636-9096.

Before You Order

Discover the Unique Properties of Solid Wood

Wilson Quality Millwork is committed to providing the highest quality domestic and exotic solid wood products for our valued customers. Like all natural materials, wood has inherent variations in color, texture, shadow, tone, porosity, and grain pattern. As a natural forest product, each piece has a character of its own which, according to species, may include knots, burl, black lines, mineral composition variations, and/or other disparities over which we have no control. By its very nature, no two pieces will ever be an exact match. In addition, all natural wood products will darken and/or display color changes over time at various rates according to species. These variations should be anticipated.

At Wilson Quality Millwork, we celebrate these natural variations and the warmth, beauty, and artistic flair they provide – and our products are intended to be enjoyed by those who likewise appreciate these qualities.

Thank you for your interest in Wilson Quality Millwork!