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Wilson Quality Millwork offers a wide selection of quality pre-cut and custom countertops to enhance the beauty and functionality of any kitchen, office, or commercial business. Although we are best known for designing and creating unique, made-to-order, solid wood countertops that add warmth and appeal to your space, we also work closely with our partners to provide a selection of countertops in all hardwood species, as well as other materials to meet your needs. Let us know what you are looking for and we can source your countertop and have it ready with the rest of your order. To learn more and place your countertop order, contact Wilson Quality Millwork: (304) 636-9096.

Bar Rails

Solid Hardwood Butcher Block Tops
for Professional Bakers & Chefs

For durability and class that never goes out of style, choose the traditional appeal of old world and modern styled solid hardwoods for your new installation or renovation project. We have a variety of solid hardwood countertops available in your choice of Maple, Oak, Cherry, Teak, and Walnut that can be cut to meet your needs with options for stove and sink cutouts, and edge details to match your personal preferences. While professional bakers, chefs, and other culinary professionals love our butcher blocks for the attractive look, feel, and functionality of real wood, they are just at home in your home kitchen!

Butcher Block (Edge Grain) – Strips of quality, naturally antibacterial and heat-resistant (not heat-proof) hardwoods are bonded lengthwise to form a thick, durable work surface. This sustainable option features the wood grain and offers a warm look and feel to any space. It requires periodic maintenance (sanding and protective oiling with pure Tung oil) to protect the wood every 1-5 years on average. If sealed with petroleum agents, the counter should not be used as a food preparation surface. When properly maintained, a butcher block countertop can last for generations. The ideal choice for bakers and casual knife users who do not mind knife markings and signs of wear between refinishing. Some prefer the characteristic distressed appearance that develops over time on well-used butcher blocks.

Butcher Block (End Grain) – Similar to the Butcher Block Edge Grain style, this countertop is formed from bonded strips of wood; however the strips are placed “ends up” so that the wood fibers readily accept and condition your knife blade as you work. This style also requires periodic maintenance with more oiling required than edge grain styles (due to the grain edges more ready absorption of oil), but less frequent sanding, as the wood edges self-heal to some extent with regular oiling. The ideal choice for chefs, culinary professionals, and those who often work with knives.

Solid Plank Countertops – Crafted from a solid plank of your choice of hardwood species, this light-duty countertop is designed to store and display materials. A cutting board must be used with this style. Available in solid hardwoods, Live Edge, and River styles, this option makes a striking addition to any space.

Customize Your Countertop

For your convenience, we provide complete customization services to meet your countertop needs. Choose from an amazing selection of domestic and exotic woods cut and finished to your preferred dimensions and specifications. To learn more and place your pre-cut or custom countertop order, contact Wilson Quality Millwork: (304) 636-9096.

Historic Restoration, Remodeling
and New Construction Materials

Wilson Quality Millwork offers a full line of standard and custom millwork and building products. We can provide all your historic restoration, remodeling, and new construction material needs. We serve all of West Virginia. Call and let us know what you need: (304) 636-9096.

Before You Order

Discover the Unique Properties of Solid Wood

Wilson Quality Millwork is committed to providing the highest quality domestic and exotic solid wood products for our valued customers. Like all natural materials, wood has inherent variations in color, texture, shadow, tone, porosity, and grain pattern. As a natural forest product, each piece has a character of its own which, according to species, may include knots, burl, black lines, mineral composition variations, and/or other disparities over which we have no control. By its very nature, no two pieces will ever be an exact match. In addition, all natural wood products will darken and/or display color changes over time at various rates according to species. These variations should be anticipated.

At Wilson Quality Millwork, we celebrate these natural variations and the warmth, beauty, and artistic flair they provide – and our products are intended to be enjoyed by those who likewise appreciate these qualities.

Thank you for your interest in Wilson Quality Millwork!